Learning With MRX Morse Code 
Recognised Adult Learning Methods.

MRX Morse Code v1.0 for Win95/98 and NT contains everything you need to learn Morse Code the correct way!  MRX Morse Code training software has been designed in accordance with the 'Principles of Adult Learning', a methodology associated with teaching adults.

These principles suggest that:

This is probably why you will find learning morse code is more rewarding with MRX. In fact an Australian Army study of MRX Morse Code software (previous DOS Version) in comparison to audio tape based training methods concluded that:
"The results of the pilot study suggest that Morse Keyboard (MRX Morse Code) provides students with a firm understanding of morse foundations. The superior accuracy scores of these students show that they have a better understanding of morse code and as such are better equipped to progress to the higher speeds."
Which means MRX Morse Code software won't compromise your ability through poor training techniques.

    If you are serious about learning or teaching morse code then MRX Morse Code is the answer.

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