Morse Demodulator

About MRX Morse Demodulator:

    MRX Morse Code Demodulator is designed to demodulate morse code from a radio or other audio source. It will display the text for the morse code directly to the PC screen. The demodulator uses your sound card to digitize the auido signal so that it may be processed by your computer. MRX Morse Code Demodulator is still under development and is not yet available, but this page will show some of the features that will be available in the near future. Updates to this page will be made from time to time.

Some of the main points.

Below, the Morse Signal Tuner, its main window shows a spectral display of the audio so you can select a morse signal to demodulate. Other controls allow you to adjust various aspects of the demodulators environment.

The filtered audio display of a DIT. This is a little different to the display of morse you may have seen before. This view of the DIT has been normalised to positive values for comparison purposes.  The yellow line is the Averaging Line, signals above this line are used to recognise a valid morse signal component (DIT or DAH). The red line sets the noise floor level. Both lines are adjusted from the controls on the "Signal Tuner".


The morse timing display, this is how the demodulator works out the timing for DITS and DAHS


And here is the textual display of the morse signal.

There are still some aspects of this program to complete, as yet the signal adjustment is manual, I'm making this automatic. There are some improvements to make to manual morse performance, the demodulator is not very good with varing dits and dahs at the moment. I've also got some ideas to improve the weak signal performance. But of course this takes time....

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