Problems Running MRX for Windows 95/NT

 WIN95/NT - CE Signature Error when running MRX

Question:  I get an error - CE Signature Not Found when I try to run MRX Morse Code.


Answer:   This error occurs when the executable is incomplete. Your download was probably corrupted. Please try downloading again. If you continue to get these types of errors, please email me.

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 WIN95/NT - Login Problems   


Question:  I can't get past the LOGIN screen.


Answer 1. You have installed the MRX Morse Code executable only, you must install the MRXV1INST.EXE program. If you did not see a setup program when you ran the file you downloaded then you have installed the wrong version...  Please return to the download page and try again.

Answer 2:  So you’ve installed MRX onto your PC and fired it up, but what is the Login Box for?  MRX comes from a classroom training background and supports multiple users on the same PC by default. This is handy for classroom training and for those households where more than one person intends to practice morse code, because results and screen preferences can be customised to each user.

 You can remove the need to Login to MRX by starting the program with the user switch:


     a         b


a  is the name of the executable program.

b  is the switch to indicate the name of the user.



 If your name was SAMMY and you wanted to start MRX without seeing the Login prompt, and MRX directory was located in C:\MRX, then you would enter the following in the Target line of your MRX program shortcut:


 Note:  Case is not important.


The Windows 95/NT program shortcut properties can be edited to contain this string. But if you don’t mind typing in your name, or if you need the multiple user support, then type in an identifying name into the Login Box. You will need to use this same name each time you use MRX.

 Note: The first time you Login to MRX, the program will not be able to find your files and will ask if files should be created, answer yes.

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 WIN95/NT - Morse Key Interface Problems 


Question:  I cant seem to get the morse key to work via the joystick port.


Answer:   Read the help pages on this carefully, then....

  1. Ensure that the DB15 Joystick plug has been wired up correctly for the joystick you wish to emulate.
  2. Ensure that the correct driver has been installed - 2 or 3 axis for the joystick interface you have chosen.
  3. Select the appropriate Morse Key input from the MRX configuration screen.
  4. You can test the setup using you currently configured joystick before trying the interface cable and morse key.
  5. If you still have problems then please email me.

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 WIN95/NT - All characters repeat during sounding


Question:  When I sound a file all characters are repeated.

Answer:   Your Sound driver is probably set to Half-Duplex, it should be Full Duplex. To set your driver to full dupex take the following steps.

    Thanks to Lou Pannone for this one!

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 WIN95/NT - MRX Installation


Question:  How Do I Install/Un-Install MRX


Answer:   Just Click on the link to go to the installation instructions -  MRX Installation Instructions  

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 Errors running MRX Morse Code on HP Pavillion PC with Riptide Audio


Question:  Why wont MRX Morse Code run on my HP Pavillion PC - Soundcard is by Riptide


Answer:   At the moment I have no answer, I'm looking into the problem.


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 Morse Library Not Found


Question:  I can start MRX Morse code ok, but get "Morse Library" not found when I try to select any of the morse sounding functions.


Answer:   You are missing the "MORSE.LIB" file. It should reside in your MRX Morse Code program directory. If you are missing this file please email: and provide the error details. A new file will be sent to you.


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 No Morse Code Licenses Available


Question:  Sometimes when I start (or restart) MRX Morse Code I get an error "No Morse Code Licenses Available" and can not run the program.


Answer:  Most MRX Morse Code users only have one program license available for use. The license file is checked at program start and if the number of licenses in use is less than the number authorised, MRX Morse Code will run. When you exit MRX Morse Code the program will modify the license to indicate there are no users (or one less user) and free the license. But, if the program is terminated (computer turned off etc...) or an error occurs then the license count will not be decreased, so MRX Morse Code will report that the license is in use. Always close MRX Morse Code before turning off the computer.

Unused licenses will expire in around an hour, but if you don't want to wait that long, delete the NAME.LIC (where NAME is your login name) file, from the USERS directory, located within your MRX Morse Code program directory.

Warning: MRX Morse Code will terminate if you delete the NAME.LIC file, while the program is in use.


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