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Morse Code Software - MRX Morse Code for Windows 95 through Windows 7 is a program designed to teach morse code RECEIVE and TRANSMIT using the benefits of Multi-Media PC technology. MRX Morse Code has utilities available which will teach morse transmit and receive, and for those who already know morse, the program can sound it from 5-99 WPM. Automatic marking is available for type written morse transcription. MRX Morse Code supports Manual and Iambic morse keys and also emulates these keys using the keyboard. Add noise or "manualize" your morse receive session. See the Download page for more details...

MRX Morse Code is the program chosen by Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand and USA Defence Force Establishments to teach morse code receive and transmit to the most exacting criteria. If you have a requirement to teach several students (up to 100 in each class), a network version is available. If you're a professional or government establishment that is serious about Morse Code Training, MRX Software can provide fully optioned, long term demonstrators, for evaluation.

MRX Morse Code works just as well at home for current or aspiring Amateur Radio operators!

CW Communicator - MRX Software has developed a FREE CW chat program to communicate across the Internet or over a LAN. Supports Morse Code, Typing and Flashing Light. It can translate typed text to morse code and morse code to text on the fly. You can call CQ or simply practice your transmit with a friend or a group of friends in real time... Check out the Download page for more details!

See the NEW Web view of all current CWCom users at This web page provides a real time table view of all CWCom users and the channels they occupy!

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